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Google Brings A “Reject All” Cookie Button

Google offered two options of cookie choice like “I accept” and “Personalize.” Although this allows users to accept all cookies with a single click, they have to go through different menus and options if they want to reject all cookies. But now Google will give you three clear choices: “Accept all,” “Reject all,” and “More options”, which will make the process much easier. Both buttons will be displayed prominently and in the same size and color.

YouTube is showing cookie consent dialogs with the “Accept All” and “Reject All” buttons. And the “Accept All” button. The first screen in your preferred language, Adhia wrote in a blog post, including Google Product Manager.

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Google says it has rolled out a new cookie banner in France and will soon extend the change to all Google users in Europe, the UK and Switzerland. Note that this cookie popup will only appear if users are not signed in to a Google Account or are using incognito mode. If you’re signed in, you can review and change the tracking options from Google‘s “Data and Privacy” page.

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The change in cookie tracking comes just months after the French data protection agency CNIL fined Google 150 150 million ($ 170 million) for making the process of rejecting cookies on Google unnecessarily confusing and annoying to consumers. Is. The French regulator noticed that tech giants, including Google and Facebook, used manipulative patterns to force consent and ordered both companies to change the way they served cookies to consumers.

“Based on these discussions and specific guidelines from the French Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), we have now completed a complete redesign of our approach, including changes to the infrastructure. Includes what we use to handle cookies. “


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