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Google to Offer Fast Nearby Share from Android to Windows PCs

The Mountain View firm has unveiled a host of features to come in Android. Among these, Android’s Nearby Share fast sharing feature will arrive on Windows PCs later this year.

Google took advantage of CES in Las Vegas to announce a myriad of new features to come on Android in 2022. This new year will be an opportunity for Android to better communicate with other devices, including Chromebooks, but also Windows machines.

Nearby Share soon on Windows

Among the many new features to come to Android, the most interesting is without a doubt the imminent arrival of support for Fast Pair and Nearby Share on Windows. By offering Fast Pair compatibility to PCs (a feature that allows you to quickly pair and configure a Bluetooth device with an Android smartphone), Google will allow you to quickly pair and configure your Bluetooth devices with your PC. It is also thanks to Fast Pair that it will be possible to take advantage of the Nearby Share feature, with which you can wirelessly transfer documents stored on your phone to your Windows machine.

Without giving details on the method that will be used to deploy the functionality on Windows, Google has indicated that it is working with HP, Acer and Intel to launch these functions later this year on certain PCs.

Fast connection, continuity and better integration with Chromebook

For the rest, Google has confirmed its intention to offer better integration of Android with its other products. Owners of brand new Chromebooks will be able to quickly configure their machine by connecting to Wi-Fi and their Google account directly using their Android smartphone. It will also be possible to quickly connect a wireless headset with Google TV and Android TV OS devices using Fast Pair from an Android smartphone.

Google also explained that it was working on a function for Bluetooth headsets to allow them to connect and automatically switch from one device to another depending on the one on which a media is played. If you are watching a movie on an Android tablet and a call arrives on your smartphone, your Bluetooth headset will be able to automatically pause the movie and immediately connect to the smartphone to take the call.

It now remains to be patient while waiting for the arrival of all these new features, Google has not specified for any of these new functions a precise deployment date.


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