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Google: Two-Factor Authentication Significantly Increases Security

According to Google, two-factor authentication prevented 50 percent of all account takeovers.

Two-factor authentication can greatly increase the security of logins. The search engine giant Google came to this conclusion . After Google enabled two-factor authentication by default for a certain group of users for four months, the number of hacked Google accounts fell by 50 percent . The plans for this were announced in October 2021, as a result of which 150 million Google users and two million YouTube producers had to secure their accounts with a second factor as part of a test run.

SMS or key

According to Google , this large-scale test run shows how much better protection of one’s own account can affect security. The two-factor authentication, which Google calls “Two-factor Verification” (2SV), is one of the most important pillars for making Internet accounts more secure. This requires a second login component, such as an SMS on the smartphone or a compatible security key in USB format.

2SV as default?

However, the security of this technology is still severely limited by the users. As early as 2018, Google stated that over 90 percent of Gmail accounts were not yet protected with two-factor authentication. Even then there were demands that Google had to activate this protection by default. The search engine giant now apparently wants to comply with this wish.

Convince users of the meaning

However, according to Google, many users have not yet understood how two-factor authentication works. By helping to create an account with an emergency email and phone number, they want to protect users from losing access to their own account after two-factor authentication has been activated. The strong decline in account takeovers should give Google a boost and make the feature more popular in the medium term.


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