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Google Unveils First Preview of Android 13

The first pre-release version of Android 13, intended for developers for now, has been officially presented by Google. Here are the main new features to keep in mind.

Google has just officially launched the first Developer Preview of Android 13, even as the development of Android 12L, intended for devices equipped with a widescreen or folding screen, is still in progress.

The firm, which reveals its deployment schedule in passing, explains that certain new features brought to Android 12L will be integrated into Android 13.

After this first developer release, which should run until mid-March, Google will roll out the first beta of Android 13. Starting in June, the operating system will enter its stable phase before being officially deployed. on the first compatible terminals by August.

Security and privacy at the forefront

Although still at a very early stage of development, this first version of Android 13 provides a preview of several new features to come. Google, which states that it has gone all out on security and privacy, explains that “people want an OS and applications to which they can entrust their most sensitive and personal information” . To meet these expectations, Android 13 introduces several new features.

The first concerns the photo picker. As already exists on iOS, Android 13 will offer a function to limit access to photos by installed applications. You will be able to define a certain number of photos and videos to which you authorize access, without the applications accessing all your camera roll.

This new security function will not only be reserved for Android 13. It should also arrive on smartphones running Android 11 and above via an extensive update on Google Play.

Another security improvement unveiled by Google is the arrival of permissions for nearby devices for Wi-Fi. Until now, applications that required a Wi-Fi connection also had to request permission to access the location. of the device. With the arrival of a new API, NEARBY_WIFI_DEVICES, apps that need to search and connect to nearby Wi-Fi hotspots will no longer need to access device location.

Dynamic theme extension and new custom quick settings

In Android 13, applications that integrate quick settings (in the notification panel) will be able to display an alert to the user to inform him of the existence of dedicated quick settings so that he can add them himself in the settings panel fast.

Google also wants to extend its Material You dynamic color scheme in Android 13 beyond Google apps and apply it to all apps installed on the device, allowing them to adopt the tint of the in-place wallpaper.

However, developers will need to provide with their application a monochrome version of its icon as well as an adaptive icon XML parameter.

Google specifies that the icons compatible with dynamic colors will initially be supported on Pixel smartphones, but that they should arrive on other smartphones, the firm working hand in hand with other manufacturers.

This first Preview of Android 13 is only compatible with Google Pixel 4 and 4XL, Pixel 4a and 4a (5G), Pixel 5 and 5a, as well as Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. The installation procedure of this version, reserved for developers, requires flashing the device using the Android Flash Tool utility , accessible only from Google Chrome.


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