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Google Wallet Makes Its Comeback

The Google Wallet app, which was dropped in 2018, has returned from the dead and is back with some new features and a fresh look.

The Mountain View corporation revealed the reintroduction of Google Wallet for owners of Android handsets during its Google IO/2022 event, which was held in May last year. The updated version of the program can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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The Google Wallet app is returning.

Google made the decision to break away from Google Wallet and switch to the Google Pay app in 2018. The American behemoth used this chance to combine the functionality of the two apps into a single one under the Google Pay brand, including mobile payment. But now Google Pay will be “replaced” by Google Wallet, which, as stated, is making a reappearance four years after it first vanished (save in the US and Singapore where the two programmes will continue to coexist).

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Google Wallet is taking advantage of the release of this new version to get a makeover under Material You. This includes using your credit card, different passes, loyalty cards, or identification documents (in certain countries only).

The Google Play Store already has the app available for download. Please be aware that Android 5.2 or later must be installed on your smartphone. You only need to update the app if you already have Google Pay installed on your smartphone.


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