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Google Wallet Will Be Launched Again

Google introduced Google Wallet experimentally a few years ago. This allows you to send and receive digital payments. However, it was abandoned and now the latest news is that it will be re-launched in a better way.

That way, after downloading Google Wallet from the Google Play Store, you’ll be able to store Google Pay, various coupons, passes, and money in your digital wallet.

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According to reports, Google Wallet will currently be used for contactless payments in developed countries. It can also be used from Google Desktop.

Google Wallet was introduced in 2011 as a non-contact payment. Then its scope for money collection and payments was further expanded and this continued. It was abruptly shut down in 2018 and people forgot about Google Wallet. Now, analysts say, it could be used for YouTube’s revenue and cryptocurrencies, but only time will tell.

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It should be noted that even around 2018, the news of Google Banking was hot which could not take practical form.


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