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Google To Warn About Reliability Of Search Results

The role of Google search engine is one of the most important in Google’s rule of the Internet and now the company is making the most significant change.

Google has announced that users will now be warned about the reliability of search results.

This warning will appear to users during breaking news or rapidly changing topics.

This is the first time such a feature has been added to Google Search.

This notice will inform the public that there may not be adequate confirmation details online regarding the rapidly changing situation.

The warning states that these results may change rapidly, but if this topic is new, it may take some time for credible sources to add search results.

Google said Soft Systems would decide when to issue the warnings.

A statement from Google’s blog post said, “We will display a notice indicating that it will be possible to check the results shortly if more details are available from various sources.”

The new feature comes at a time when Google, as well as Facebook and Twitter, are facing criticism for spreading misleading details and other content.

Google has done a lot in terms of search results in recent months.

During the company’s IO Developer Conference in May, Google added a new search label called About Ten Results.

This label provides more information about the source providing details to consumers in the United States.

At the time, Google said it was working with Wikipedia to provide backgrounds for websites.

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