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Google Will Provide Information About Vaccination

Google has announced a big facility regarding the Covid-19 vaccine. Now users can get information related to Covid-19 vaccine from Google search and Google Map. Google said that from this week they will start providing appointment slot information at each center.

What information will be available about the vaccine?

Information related to the Covid-19 vaccine such as the availability and price of the vaccine will be given on Google Search and Google Maps. Users can visit their nearest vaccination center and book slots.

COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc in some parts of the world and vaccination is the only solution to contain the virus.

Google said that from this week, the availability of appointment slots, the price and the facility to book slots will be given at every center. Apart from this, just type “Covid Vaccine Near Me” on Google Surge for information about the Covid Vaccine Center near you. After this Google will show you a list of hospitals that have covid-19 vaccine slots. After this, you can choose the center near you.

In which 8 languages ​​will the facility be available?

You can tap on “Book Appointment” to book an appointment for your first or second COVID-19 vaccine. According to details, this new service will make vaccination more easy.

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