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Google Will Update Gmail Interface

The courier service will benefit from a facelift. Google will integrate Meet, Chat and Spaces to make Gmail a unified service.

The interface of your Gmail inbox will soon evolve. Google has just announced its wish to modify the display of its messaging service, in order to simplify access to its other services. The final project is therefore to unify Gmail, Chat, Meet and Spaces within a single interface.

The new look of Gmail is reminiscent of Outlook, Microsoft’s messaging service. The new Gmail interface will see the birth of a new column on the left of the screen. It will allow easy navigation between email, Google Chat, Google Spaces and Google Meet. Notification bubbles will be displayed on the icons of each of the services when your attention is required, when a new message or e-mail arrives, for example.

The move to this new design is expected to happen gradually and will be available to all Workspace users except Workspace Essentials subscribers. Google has also published the detailed timetable for the switch from the old interface to the new one.

Starting February 8, Google will start inviting you to test out Gmail’s new layout. This test will be optional and you can go back to find the classic interface via the messaging settings.

Starting in April, users who have not yet tested the new interface will begin to see it activated by default on their account, but can always switch back from the Gmail settings.

By the end of June, the new Gmail interface will be definitively applied to all users, with no possibility of going back.

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