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Google Announces To Change Ad Tracking System on Android Devices

Google has announced a major overhaul of its advertising policy. In this regard, processes such as monitoring user preferences and ad tracking for Android devices will be reviewed.

Earlier, Apple Corps also announced a review of its protocol on privacy and surveillance issues on the iPhone. On the other hand, whether it is Facebook or Google, there is a fear of severe pressure from the legislature and strict laws on them. However, these companies are earning billions of rupees by taking user data.

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Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are running on billions of devices worldwide, and minor changes could affect billions of people.

Google acknowledged in a statement that it now offers an effective way to show ads where users’ information is protected and the business and developer segment moves forward.

Earlier, Apple announced last year that consumers would now have the option of noting their online activities, especially those related to displaying ads. Apple insisted on privacy, but consumers continued to receive ads despite the ban.

Although Apple’s decision made a difference in the number of advertisements, a company like Facebook did not show its advertisements on a large scale last year, which caused a loss of ten billion dollars. At the moment, Google is displaying targeted ads to people with the help of search and interest. But it also said the setup would last for the next two years.

But Google has said it is tightening privacy and restricting access to public data to third parties. But it also said that sudden sanctions could severely damage the long-term work of businesses and developers. This will severely affect the global digital advertising industry.

Advertising is a major source of revenue for Google. Google Alphabet, for example, made 60 billion last year, 80 percent of which came from advertising.

The EU law enforcement agencies were the first to make rules and regulations to curb these large institutions, and it is now being worked on in the United States as well. There have been a number of lawsuits against Google in the United States since January, calling for tougher laws to protect public information.


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