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HEC Degree Verification: Be Aware Of Fake Agents

The Higher Education Commission HEC has alerted the students about the fake verification agents. The Commission has informed the students about those who pretend to be agents and help the students to verify their academic documents and degrees. The announcement was made on HEC’s official Twitter account so that the candidates could follow the instructions provided by the commission in this regard.

Fake Attestation Agents

In some cases, fraudulent agents deceive applicants by affixing fake HEC stamps or stamps on genuine degrees and academic transcripts. It has been clarified that the commission will not consider degrees with fake stamps. A notification has also been issued to inform the students in this regard. Applicants are advised to follow the standard procedure of degree verification as suggested by the Commission instead of engaging in fraudulent methods. In addition, strict action will be taken against students who forged degrees.

Fake Attestation Agents
Fake Attestation Agents

Attestation Procedure

The Higher Education Commission has informed the students about the proper procedure on how they can get their degrees and documents certified by HEC. Candidates are required to fill up an online application form on the HEC web portal. Candidates have to create a user account and then submit online application for degree verification. After submitting the application, the applicant will receive a confirmation email or SMS. After receiving the message, the candidates have the option to either go to the office or they can arrange an appointment or send the documents to HEC by courier. Once the verification is complete, HEC will send a message or email to the candidates. Candidates will have to submit a verification fee of Rs.1000. Candidates are required to submit photocopies of all required original documents as well.


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