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HEC Introduces Online Facility For Equivalence Of Local Degree

The Higher Education Commission HEC has launched an online service for equivalence and local degrees. The decision has been made by the authorities for the convenience of the students so that they can obtain the equivalent of degrees awarded by universities and institutions that grant Pakistani degrees. According to the announcement made by the commission, candidates can now easily achieve parity in less time and will not have to wait long. Also, this process will complete smoothly.

Online Application

It is a completely paperless system and applicants no longer need to go to the Higher Education Commission offices or submit their documents to the HEC to be equivalent to local degrees. First the candidates had to present the documents of the manual to the commission and then after the formalities the authorities issued the equality certificate and this was a long and exhausting process for the candidates. Candidates must now follow a simple procedure according to the instructions provided by the Commission.

Summation of Application form

To qualify, candidates must submit an online application form. They can apply from home by creating an online profile on the HEC web portal. Candidates are also advised to upload scanned copies of the required certified documents after bachelor’s degree along with payment of the fee. The application form and fee must be submitted in accordance with the schedule provided by the Commission. It is pertinent to mention here that no manual application for Pakistani equivalency will be accepted under any circumstances. Therefore, candidates will need to complete and submit the online form issued by the Commission to make it equivalent to local degrees.


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