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How Much Time A Person spend on Mobile Daily?

Can you guess how much time people spend on mobile phones every day?

It’s hard to believe, but people around the world spent an average of one-third, or 4.8 hours, of watching mobile in 2021.

According to a new study by App Annie, in 2021, users worldwide spent a record 3.8 trillion hours working on mobile phones.

The study said that overall, 2021 was a record-breaking year, during which people continued to adopt the mobile lifestyle and these devices were preferred on the big screens.

In particular, the rate of time spent on the video sharing app TickTalk increased by 90% globally compared to 2020.

Mobile is the device of the future and the big screen is slowly dying, said Theodore Krantz, CEO of App Annie.

The study found that موبائل 170 billion was spent globally on mobile apps, up 19% from 2020.

Similarly, the app download rate increased by 5% in one year and a total of 230 billion apps were downloaded.

Food apps in particular received 194 billion orders in 2021, up 50 percent from 2020.

The study also found that viewing video streaming apps increased by 16% compared to before the Corona virus outbreak.

The company said that despite access to the big screens, people are watching content on mobile and the competition in this field is increasing and special content is being developed to attract new viewers.

Globally, the most engaged app to keep users busy is TickTalk, followed by Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

The average monthly user on TikTak and Facebook spent 19.6 hours, but TikTak stands out because it was 13.3% in 2020.

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