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How To Create A Timeline Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Creating a personal timeline or sequence with Microsoft PowerPoint can be a difficult task. The biggest problem is knowing how to manage size. Should it be spread over multiple slides? Or should we condense everything onto a slide and risk making the data unreadable? How much text or images to use?

In general, the content should always be thought through before the presentation is designed. By combining the functions of SmartArt and WordArt it is possible to have an impactful timeline with PowerPoint. Here is the procedure to follow.

Why create a timeline with PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a useful application at all levels . For college students, professors, IT experts, business managers and CEOs. Creating good presentations is a skill that not many pay attention to. An impactful presentation can completely change the way colleagues evaluate work at important meetings. One tool that is used very often in presentations is a timeline.

PowerPoint offers many pre-built SmartArt graphics that can help you create your perfect presentation. Of course all the default graphics can be changed, but some changes don’t work properly. SmartArt dynamically adapts to theme changes for Microsoft PowerPoint documents. We just have to go further to see closely the steps to follow for the creation of a timeline.

How to create a timeline with PowerPoint

From the initial slide click on Insert in the multifunction menu and then select SmartArt. The entry is located within the Illustrations tab . In the next window select, looking at the left column, the item Process to show all the SmartArt of the corresponding category. Then move the mouse over the proposed figures until the item Basic timeline is identified.

SmartArt is shaped like a simple arrow with circles inside it. To insert it, press OK. On the left of the figure there is a panel with fillable fields. Each of them is a customizable node of the timeline. To select it and write on it, click on each node. From within SmartArt Structure from the multifunction menu, to change the appearance of the SmartArt click the More button in the SmartArt Styles tab. From the drop-down menu then make the choice between the different options. To customize the texts go to Format in the multifunction menu. Here, use all the tools contained within the Shape Styles and WordArt Styles tabs.

What tips to improve your PowerPoint presentation

The timeline is therefore a very useful tool for the visual representation of sequence of events . Regardless of the timeline used, the possibilities for action are the same. There are two levels of text and it is possible to create an indefinite number of points of interest above the arrow. Each stitch created can be zoomed in or out like a geometric shape. However, the text associated with the point is not resized together with the geometric shape and the user is asked to modify it every time.

But he is not the only one capable of making a difference. Among the most popular PowerPoint tips, adding a chart or flowchart is essential to boost your effectiveness, with or without a timeline. To do this, click on the entry form and discover a multitude of possibilities. To make your presentation more eye-catching there are also PowerPoint tips for using an already designed theme. You just need to go to the design tab and discover the many styles available.

One of the aspects of PowerPoint that you shouldn’t overlook is the use of transitions . PowerPoint allows you to create different effects to switch from one slide to another during the presentation. The transition tab will allow you to choose the desired effects between each slide.

PowerPoint, other tips for presenting a timeline

To avoid typos in a timeline presentation with PowerPoint, the keyboard shortcut F7 launches a checker that scans the entire slide for errors. One of the most popular PowerPoint tricks is to convert the file to pdf so that it can be read more easily by all recipients. just click on the file tab, then save as and choose the desired format. And you can do the same to turn it into a Word document.


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