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How To Delete Email Sent By Mistake: Tips And Tricks

While sending email, some people often make a mistake, due to which their mail gets delivered to someone else. This is a mistake that cannot be rectified. For this reason people have to be humiliated many times. But now this will not happen anymore. Today we will tell you about such a trick by which you will be able to undo delete your mail sent by mistake. Let’s know how…

Messages will be scheduled

If you follow our mentioned trick then the mails sent from your phone will be delivered only after waiting for a specified time. For example, if you schedule your mail, you will get some time to correct your mistake. This will also not spoil your image, and you will be able to send the mail to the right person without any mistake. The special thing is that you do not even need to download any third party app for this trick. All you have to do is go to Gmail’s settings and follow some simple steps.

Follow these steps

First of all open your Gmail account. Here on the right hand side you will see the option of setting. Click on it. If you look carefully here, the fourth option will be of Undo Send. Here you have to tell the cancellation time in seconds. This feature will be activated as soon as you set it up. Keep in mind that this method is useful only for Destop users. This feature has not yet been released for the mobile app.


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