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How to Delete Facebook Search History

Facebook also retains the search history of its users on behalf of Google.

Keep in mind that although Facebook’s privacy settings limit this search history to the user, in case the phone is lost or in any other similar case, this history can fall into the hands of the people and their habit of viewing your content on Facebook.

However, you can now delete the search history saved by Facebook whenever you want.

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According to the details, if you want to delete your Facebook search history, first click on the Facebook search bar in the website version.

This will give you a list of your most recent searches. There will be an ‘Edit’ option at the top right, clicking on it will open your entire search history, from here you can delete the history one by one or with one click.

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To delete search history in Android phone, open the Facebook application and click on the search icon at the top.

Here you will also see the ‘Edit’ option with the latest searches. Clicking on it will open your ‘Activity Log’. Here you can delete them at once by clicking on ‘Clear Searches‘.


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