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How To Fix Google Play Services That Keeps Crashing

One of the most annoying errors that can appear on an Android phone is related to the sudden termination of a system app known as Google Play Services . This app allows you to use all Google services and is essential for the functioning of the Google Play Store on your device, but it can also become an annoying app, with constant freezes and sudden restarts that make it difficult to update apps or download new ones .

In the following guide we will show you how to solve problems with Google Play Services , so that you can return to download new apps, update those already present and use the apps produced by Google itself without problems.

Update Play Store and Google apps

The first method to apply to be able to fix problems with Google Play Services is to update the Google Play Store and all the Google apps on your phone, including the Google Play Services app.

To proceed, we open the Google Play Store, press the top right on the user profile image, press the Settings menu , open the Information section , press once on the Play Store Version item and wait a few seconds, so that we can check whether Store is up to date or needs updating.

If a window appears confirming the update, all we have to do is leave the Store in the foreground for at least 5 minutes, so that we can update it to the latest version available.

To update all the Google system apps we can use the direct links in the following list, so that we can also update the “invisible” system apps:

If the Google Play Store does not update or Google Play Services continues to give problems we can always download the APKs from a reliable external store such as APKMirror and proceed with the manual installation . The external links to download the Google apps are present below:

We download the APKs from APKMirror (taking care to download the universal or arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a versions ), we grant installation permissions for the browser or for the file manager then install the two APKs on the phone, so as to update the apps system system and troubleshoot problems with Google Play Services.

Clear Google Play Services data and cache

Another very effective method to solve Google Play Services freezes and restarts involves clearing the data and cache collected by this app, so as to make it come back as new. To delete the data of Google Play Services, open the Settings app , go to the App menu , look for the Google Play Service app , open it and press on Delete data , so you can press on Empty the cache or on Manage space -> Delete all data .

After deleting the data, restart the device, so as to make Google Play Services fully functional again.

Change the time and date

Some Google Play Services problems occur due to an incorrect configuration of the date or time on the phone. To solve this small problem, all we have to do is connect the phone to a fast and stable Wi-Fi network, open the Settings app , select the Additional Settings menu , press on Date and time and finally activate the items Use the time provided from the network and Use the time zone provided by the network .

As soon as the time and date are fixed, we restart the phone, in order to restore the correct functioning of the Google Play Services app.

Remove Google account

Another very practical solution for Google Play Services problems involves removing the Google account on the Android phone, restarting the device and reconnecting the Google account again, so as to solve any synchronization problems on the fly.

To proceed, open the Settings app , select the Accounts and synchronization menu , press the Google item , select the Other icon and finally press Remove account .

After removal, restart the phone, go back to the Settings -> Accounts and synchronization path, scroll down the page and press the Add account item , so you can press on Google and re-enter the account credentials on the phone.

Reset phone

If Google Play Services still gives problems on your phone, you have no choice but to start the system recovery procedure, not without having first made a nice backup of your apps and personal settings .

After backing up the Android device we open the Settings app , open the Factory Reset menu (on Xiaomi it is present in the System Info menu ), press at the bottom on Delete all data and proceed as indicated on the screen.

The phone will restart automatically: after a few minutes of waiting we will see the phone welcome screen appear and we can reconfigure it as needed (and restore the backups immediately afterwards).


All the tips and methods seen above should be able to solve practically all the problems of the Google Play Services app , so as to avoid the appearance of the annoying warning window and use the phone as before, with the apps updating regularly. and Google services that work great.

If not even all the tips above have solved the problem, all that remains is to completely delete the Google services and install the apps only from unofficial stores.


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