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How To Increase Business On Social Networks

Today, social networks have become an essential business lever for companies from which it is necessary to know how to profit in a relevant way. Many are investing in these new media in order to take advantage of the commercial windfall they represent.

With more than 4 billion users worldwide *; 350,000 tweets sent every minute, 4,100 clicks made on sponsored Instagram posts , 21 million snaps created and 694,000 videos viewed on TikTok; the wealth of data makes social media a real gold mine. For companies, they can transform into strategic insights to better inform decision-making and accelerate growth. These changes have a strong impact on the way organizations operate, especially with regard to communication and the way consumer and competitive information is collected.

Social networks, a growth engine for businesses

The social networks are an effective way to inform users of the release of a new product / service or to get exclusives on developments and improvements. The “early adopters”, who are particularly sensitive to it, remain the first to rush to the product. They then share the information with their different communities. It is possible to disseminate any type of data which differs a little from a usual communication allowing to direct its community towards the Internet site. To attract and retain their customers via the networks, some brands  have embarked on live-shopping on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, a trend that exploded during the confinement uses the codes of tele-shopping and allows users of social networks to directly purchase products presented by an “influencer” in a video broadcast in streaming . This trend from China is a very important business generator that allows brands to build loyalty and engage their community on social networks (including new ones like TikTok ) through fun and interactive content. In addition, live-shopping is above all an important generator of sales, as it is unique events to take advantage of the brand’s offers.

The influencer plays a key role during these social events for several reasons: first of all, he allows to increase the audience of the brand since he will also invite his community. In addition, going through an influencer for the live sessions also makes it possible to humanize the brand and bring it an objective perspective. Thus the consumer feels confident and this will make it easier to trigger sales. Several social media influencer marketing and analysis tools make it possible to identify the right influencer for the right brand in order to make the most of these sessions.

Growth through influencer marketing

Influencer marketing allows companies to gain visibility, notoriety and quickly develop their sales. Although this technique has been used for many years, it has now become essential in a communication strategy, as 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on recommendations from social media *.

Faced with the continual change in communication methods, brands must be creative in developing effective processes capable of reaching demanding consumers who are averse to intrusive advertisements. Going through an influencer makes the campaign credible with a more authentic and closer message, relayed by an opinion leader.

But be careful in order to succeed in your campaign, it is important for the brand to detect interesting leaders, it is useless to rely only on the figures: a profile can have 100 million subscribers but this community will not necessarily be interested in the product. or service. Hence the importance of setting up long-term work, through months or even years, without absolutely wanting to place a product in one-shot.

Thanks to influencers, brands can gain visibility with a target audience, but also credibility and authenticity with them thanks to the approval by a trusted third party. To build this relationship, influencers often spend several years nurturing an organic audience who will gradually trust their recommendations. It is this long and hard-established relationship of trust that brands can take advantage of by building and planning partnerships with influencers.

Influencer marketing is growing at 50% per year today and its boom shows how social media is transforming traditional marketing. However, without tools to equip marketing and communications professionals, such a strategy can be difficult to implement and very manual. Among the main challenges, we can mention in particular: the explosion in the number of influencers on social networks, the complexity of finding good content creators with whom to work but also the obstacles related to the management of relations with the influencers then the difficulty in measuring ROI.

Consumer insights: increase your social ROI

The way consumers find, discover and buy products has changed dramatically over the past two decades.

First, the widespread adoption of the Internet changed the way we buy and then the arrival of smartphones has further accelerated this upheaval. The global pandemic has also changed the majority of our interactions with our friends, family, colleagues and customers. Everything had to be done online. Social media then took center stage and established itself as the main platforms for people to interact not only with each other, but also with brands.

Interaction with the community is essential for brands. Social networks make it possible in particular to ask the opinion of subscribers through surveys and are an important pool of conversations that brands must listen to in order to understand what the real needs and expectations of their customers are. Through this, companies create a close bond with the user and invite their followers to connect with each other.

Furthermore, no brand sells to a single homogeneous group of consumers, it must generally communicate to multiple audiences with different needs and motivations. It is therefore a matter of having to understand them. In this area, consumer insights are a real gold mine to explore. They allow us to better understand our customers and targets by visualizing their lifestyles, consumption habits, their needs and their expectations, then improving the user experience by evaluating the different stages of the customer journey. This real-time optimization of the customer journey and its products, taking customer feedback into account, represents a very important competitive advantage for a player in its market.

While surveys, focus groups, and interviews are traditional ways of conducting consumer research, they are often expensive, often represent a small sample size, and information is quickly outdated as consumer behavior changes faster than it does. never. A large market study can indeed take months versus a consumer insights platform that provides insight into current consumer attitudes and behaviors in real time.

The exploitation of this social data then makes it possible to stay one step ahead of its competitors by identifying rising trends that have the potential to have a long-term global impact on a market.

Only then can businesses continue to meet their growth goals by delivering highly personalized and relevant experiences that turn customers into brand ambassadors.

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