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How To Merge and Lock Cells With Microsoft Excel Data

When we start Excel for the first time , by double clicking on the shortcut icon, on the desktop, or in the taskbar, it is launched with an empty workbook, that is, one or more worksheets, with no data inside. But how can you protect the content that may be inserted? How to prevent it from being changed? And if instead we need to merge multiple cells, what are the functions to use ?

If multiple worksheets are already inserted, we can switch between them by clicking on the sheet tabs and apply the same commands to merge and lock Excel cells. Each cell is entered in the workbook in a column, identified by a letter, and in a row, this time identified by a number. So we can simply identify a cell based on its coordinates . The cell located at coordinates A1 is therefore the first cell in the workbook. Just below the latter we find cell A2. Just to the right, cell B2. And so on. Let’s go further to deepen the mechanism of two very useful functions.

How to merge cells with Excel data

To merge cells quickly, select them by making a box with the mouse or holding down Shift + Ctrl on the keyboard and clicking with the left mouse button. With the cells selected make sure you are inside the Home menu. From the Alignment tab click Merge and center align. A window warns of the destructive nature of the process, with OK we complete the union.

At this point, to join the data of the rows or columns you need to use the Concatenate function. Select the target cell for the data to be merged and click the Insert Function button . Then type Concatenate in the Search for a function field and choose the tool from the Select a function field. Finally, click OK.

We can then type in the Text 1, 2, 3 field the various cells, rows and columns to be concatenated. The syntax is B2; B3; B4 while the resulting function is = CONCATENATE (B2; B3; B4) . The function used is valid for both rows and columns. To have more readable texts, you can insert spaces or punctuation marks between one value and another. To do this, you need to manually write between each value

How to lock cells with Excel data

The first thing to do to lock cells with Excel data is to select them. Reference point is the Home tab where the Format menu is located. Here it is necessary to identify the item Block cell which is almost at the bottom of the list. Just click and the function is activated, without the need to make an additional step or to confirm.

There is also a different possibility from using the menu and that is that of the right mouse button . It should be used above the selected cells to open the context menu. At that point, select the Format cells item to open the window with all the cell properties. In the next window, choose the Protection tab and activate the check mark next to Blocked. However, this is not the final step as the cells can still be edited. In fact, you have to choose the Revision tab and then the Protect sheet item to view the options. In the Protect Sheet window, select the allowed options and then a password. After confirmation, the cells are no longer editable .

Which cell style to choose for Excel

Excel has a wide variety of cell styles that we can simply apply to selected cells by going to the Home menu on the ribbon . To find the ideal one, just hover the mouse over each of the proposals to apply a preview of the result to the selected cells. Of course, you can also create our own custom cell styles to precisely define what cells in different workbooks look like.

To add a custom cell style just select the ones containing the parameters to save. Excel then displays a window to allow us to select the elements we want to integrate into the new cell style. We just have to choose the elements that interest us. Before validating by pressing the OK button we can also give a name to this cell style. It will then allow us to easily find it among the list of available cell styles. The new cell style is now added at the top of the new group which has the name of Custom and you just need to click on it to apply the formatting to the selected cells.


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