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How To Restore A Hacked Facebook Account

The world’s most popular website Facebook is used by billions of people and today we will show you an easy way to restore a hacked Facebook account.

While some companies and young people are making money from Facebook, people are worried about the hacking of Facebook accounts for a long time.

Hacking of Facebook accounts is not uncommon for people to gain unauthorized access to your photos and messages.

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To gain access to a Facebook account, you have to guess your password or use their hacking skills. When your account is hacked, the first thing you should do is change your password. To do

You can go to the Password and Security options and find out where your account is logged in.

If you see a system that is not yours but your account is logged in there, you should immediately remove your account from that system.

Click Suspicious Login.

Select Secure Account.

Then follow the steps that Facebook will show you when you proceed to secure your account.

You can also contact Facebook through the support page.

Go to the Password and Security options.

Click Get Help.

Then report that your account has been hacked.

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If a hacker logs you out of your Facebook account, go to Facebook.com/ hacked. You will be asked to enter your phone number associated with your Facebook account.

If the number you enter links to your registered number, Facebook will help you regain access to your Facebook account.


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