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How To Stay Offline on WhatsApp Despite Being Online?

WhatsApp is the world’s most used messaging application.

If you want the phone to appear offline on the WhatsApp even when Wi-Fi or data is on, this is now possible.

First, open the WhatsApp application and go to Settings and select the Account option.
From there go to Privacy and open the ‘Last Seen’ option and select ‘Online Status’ then three options will appear in front of you.

The first is EVeryone, the second is Contacts Only and the third is Nobody. From here, if you select No Body, your status will be offline for everyone.

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For iPhone:

–Slide the new message to the left, tap on the view option and reply

For Android:

–Tap the message on the home screen. The “Mark as read” & “reply” options will appear, tap on reply to send the message.

The quick reply feature in WhatsApp not only allows you to reply from the notification panel without even opening the app but also hides your online status from other contacts. So, only you and your preferred contact can chat now without anyone knowing that you are online.

Now, there is a little tedious process that involves the flight mode to appear offline when you send the message.

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–Switch phone to airplane mode

–Open WhatsApp, go to the contact where you want to send the message, open it.

–Type the message, hit the send button while WhatsApp is running in the background.

–Turn off the Airplane mode. The message will be sent to the receiver without you appearing online.

If you are the kind of person who watches online shows or reads online articles through your mobile and prefers a little quiet on no incoming messages, you can shut the mobile data and WiFi exclusively for WhatsApp. Here is how:

For Android:

–Go to Settings option on your phone

–Go to Manage Apps or Installed apps

— Open WhatsApp app

— Select Data Usage. Now disable mobile data or data usage, disable WiFi, and background data as well.

–Clear WhatsApp from recent apps

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For iPhone

— Go to Settings

–Scroll down to open WhatsApp

— Open it and deselect mobile data and background app refresh

— Clear WhatsApp from recent apps

iPhone users cannot disable WiFi for apps from their phones so they can consider switching it off.

After that, even if you are online, others will see your status offline.


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