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How Use More Than One Smartphone Cameras

Smartphones are also innovating due to the ever-changing technology and they are getting better and smarter.

With the use of technology, today a small mobile has all the facilities as per the need and some people use the mobile only because of the good result of the camera.

When a smartphone was invented, it used to have only one camera, but today a smartphone has 3 to 4 cameras.

The 3 to 4 cameras in the smartphone are actually used and very few people will know how they work.

The first camera of the phone can take a picture by focusing on any object while the rest of the cameras have the feature that one of them is for wide angle ie a picture taken from a long distance can be taken by focusing and clearing. Can be taken

Other cameras on the phone also have the advantage that it can blur the background and the picture is just what you want to take.

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