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Huawe Denies Allegation For Spying In Pakistan

Huawei has denied allegations of spying and stealing trade secrets in Pakistan, saying there is no evidence that its products have a “backdoor”.

The statement came as Business Efficiency Solutions (BES) LLC, a US-based company, was working with Huawei on a Punjab government project in a federal court in California. A case has been filed against him for alleged theft of secrets.

In its lawsuit, the US company also accused Huawei of using its technology to create a “backdoor” that helped it collect sensitive data “important to Pakistan’s national security”.

A statement issued by Huawei on August 17 on the allegations said that Huawei Pakistan had filed a petition in a court in Islamabad in September 2018 to mediate the contract dispute against BES.

According to the company, the arbitration process is still ongoing and it does not want to discuss pending lawsuits.

“Huawei respects the intellectual property of other companies and there is no evidence that Huawei has installed backdoor in its products,” the statement said.

The statement added that the allegations in the lawsuit were the result of a long-running legal dispute between the companies.

According to the statement, Huawei had acquired the services of BES for software and other services in 2016 to acquire the construction rights of the Safe City project in Lahore. When the relationship deteriorated, Huawei filed a lawsuit against BES in Pakistan, where BES also sued Huawei. The hearing is still pending and BES is no longer active and has no revenue.

The statement added that Huawei acknowledges the creation of a separate version of the Lahore project in China, but this is a test version that does not belong to the Customers Live Network.

The company said that this has made it impossible for Huawei to collect data from the Customer Live network.

In this statement, the customer reference is used for Punjab Safe Cities Authority.

Allegations On Huawei

According to a petition filed by BES, Huawei entered into a 150 million subcontract with BES in 2016 to develop a new technology-based government software program for Lahore police and law enforcement agencies. Was

BES said it developed a variety of software for the project that could do much with government agencies’ data collection, building access controls, social media monitors and drone management.

According to the American company, the 8 software systems developed by BES contain details based on the most important trade secrets of BES business.

Huawei officials reportedly instructed BES to send the details to the company in China for testing, and BES acknowledged this, but the use of the technology was terminated when Huawei entered the testing laboratory. US company blocked access.

The lawsuit alleges that Huawei did not return the software’s encrypted design tools and did not uninstall the software, which it agreed to.

BES alleges that Huawei later demanded the installation of data collection software that was being used by Pakistani companies to obtain and analyze sensitive data from various sources and government agencies, this time. The purpose was not testing but full access to Lahore Safe City project data.

According to BES, it accepted the demand at the risk of terminating the contract and withholding money when Huawei said it had obtained approval from the Pakistani government.

The US company alleged that Huawei used the software for backdoor access from China to Lahore, while the Chinese company did not even pay for some of its software and leaked its trade secrets to Pakistan and other parts of the world from Safe City. Misused on similar projects.

Authorities investigate allegations

Kamran Khan, Chief Operating Officer, Punjab Safe City Authority, said that the authority had formed teams to check the data leakage but so far no evidence has been found.

He said the teams were trying to determine if the data had been accessed, but a third party audit had not found any violations.

He said that Huawei was providing technical assistance to the authority and developing software for the data bank.

“Seven software systems were agreed upon but the authority has so far only got three,” he said.

He said that the authority has set up its own firewall to protect the data and it is constantly updated to prevent access to the data.

According to Kamran Khan, Huawei only has access to cameras installed in the city and the Chinese company does not have access to any data.

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