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Huawei Super Device: A New Era of Cross-Device Collaboration

On the occasion of the Mobile World Congress 2022 , taking place in Barcelona these days, Huawei presents the Super Device for the Smart Office , a solution designed to improve connectivity and collaboration between the manufacturer’s devices. It is in line with Huawei’s Seamless AI Life, with the aim of offering an even more interconnected and smart user experience in five scenarios (Health & Fitness, Easy Travel, Smart Office, Entertainment and Smart Home).

Huawei presents the Super Device for the Smart Office

Collaboration between devices allows users to connect multiple devices for a single activity, stimulating creativity and improving communication efficiency.

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“ The Super Device is a concept that goes beyond the individual functionality of ecosystem products. The result of the commitment of recent years of R&D, the Super Device is a solution that brings the experience of individual Huawei devices to the maximum, to meet the renewed needs of consumers in different life scenarios “, declared Pier Giorgio Furcas , Deputy General Manager of Huawei CBG Italia. “Such an integrated collaboration between hardware and software, and between different devices, allows a complete smart office experience. Huawei is moving fast to provide professionals with the right means to meet the ways of working of the future, heralding a new approach that will require the total integration of all devices to unleash creativity and communicate better. ”

Users often have to juggle different ecosystems, but a single unified experience has become more important than ever with the growing demand for productivity on the go. Huawei has already been working on improvements to the cross-device experience for years, such as introducing Multi-Screen Collaboration for multi-screen collaboration between PCs and tablets, PCs and smartphones or tablets and smartphones.

Today Huawei is ready to take further steps with the Super Device (unveiled for the first time last year) within the Smart Office, allowing all compatible devices to work as one. Huawei Mobile App Engine brings access to Huawei AppGallery , with tons of productivity and entertainment apps, to Huawei PCs.

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Super Device is available on Huawei PCs via the Super Device drag-and-drop interface in PC Control Center , for quick and easy access to images, phone files and more. With Pop-Up Pairing your PC is also able to conveniently connect to wireless headphones, speakers, Bluetooth mice and keyboards and printers.

Once connected, the Huawei smartphone will be reachable from a special window on the desktop, and thanks to the Multi-Screen Collaboration mentioned above, up to three mobile apps can be opened. There is no shortage of drag and drop for files and the ability to edit phone files directly from the Matebook.

Collaboration with Huawei MatePad, MateView and Vision

The Super Device PC + Tablet supports three connection modes:

  • Mirror : the PC screen is replicated on the tablet and any content written or drawn with M-Pencil on the Huawei MatePad is reflected in real time on the PC
  • Extend : the PC display is extended to the tablet, with each screen showing different content; in practice, the mode transforms the tablet into an external monitor for the notebook
  • Collaborate : Tablet files can be managed directly from the PC

By connecting a Huawei PC to a Huawei MateView monitor, you can enjoy a larger screen for your content, even at 4K resolution with P3 cinema-grade color gamut. The Super Device also supports Huawei Vision: with Extend mode, for example, users can take meeting notes on the MateBook while hosting a conference call with the Huawei Vision extended screen.

Super Device also for Huawei MatePad Paper and the upcoming news

The new Huawei MateBook X Pro, MateStation X, MateBook E, MatePad Paper and MatePad all support the Super Device function, as well as the models already on the market with PC Manager 12.0.2 or later.

Huawei MatePad Paper

Huawei MatePad Paper, which will be available shortly in Italy, is the first E-Ink tablet from the Chinese manufacturer: equipped with a 10.3-inch E-Ink FullView display with an 86.3% screen-to-body ratio and powered by Huawei E-Ink Display Enhancement Algorithm, offers a paper-like natural touch experience. It supports second generation Huawei M-Pencil, handwriting, voice recording and features like Split-Screen Notes and Annotations. It is powered by HarmonyOS 2.0 and can function as an external storage drive for PCs.

According to Huawei, the Super Device innovations will take users to the ” next level of technology, productivity and entertainment “. Support for the Super Device feature will extend to the manufacturer’s previous models when updated to the latest version – Huawei plans to continue adding more and more devices in the future.


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