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Increase Your Typing Speed: Tips And Tricks

If we want to increase the typing speed, we should practice the following sentence every day – because it contains all the English letters from A to Z.
That quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

That is, whenever we start typing practice every day, first type this sentence on a page. In the meantime, our eyes should not be on the “keyboard” but on the sentence written on the right side.

Then type in the content of a book or newspaper. Type lightly first and pay attention to the spelling. Later the speed will increase.
Another way to increase typing speed is to write the whole “ABC” in the following way.

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

After that, the way to practice it every day should be to keep your eyes on the words and not on the “keyboard” – this way after a few days your fingers will recognize each letter and you will be able to type correctly. Will start to do.

To increase the speed of shorthand, first learn the following books and practice them well.

(1) Pitman Short Hand Instructor and Key (consisting of 231 x Exercises)

The Old Course is a book of 5 exercises – which consists of 5 basic exercises – and if one learns this far, he will get a full shorthand – the speed will be increased – which will increase by practicing daily.

(2) Pitman New Course with Key to New Course (consisting of 140 x exercises)

The book should be read when the above books are learned and practiced, then the following And practice it too

(1) 700 Common-Word Reading and Dictation Exercises
There are forty-five exercises in this book that consist of common words and 5 to 7 percent of the content of a normal English text consists of those words. By practicing these words, the speed of shorthand can be increased.

Another important thing is to practice the following words well after which the shorthand speed can increase considerably because up to 5% of the content of a normal English text consists of these words.

(1) Grammalogues & Special List of Contractions (pages from 289 to 296 of Pitman Old Course)

(2) Short Forms (pages from 163 to 171 of Pitman New Course)

One way to increase the speed of shorthand is to take an English newspaper and make an outline of the English words written on it with a ball pen or pencil in the shorthand like the word Karachi is written on top of the same word. Should be written in shorthand.


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