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Infinix Concept Smarthone 2021 Unveiled Officially

Infinix has unveiled its first Infinix Concept smartphone 2021 with state-of-the-art technology and creative features. The design of the smartphone is designed for the future.

Infinix Concept smartphone 2021 combines the first dual color-changing back cover and 160W fast charging technology, enhanced with 50W wireless charging, security protection mechanisms and new temperature control capabilities.

Infinix is ​​commercially developing smartphones that meet the needs of consumers.

“Although there are many smartphones on the market today that are expensive and invincible in terms of everyday features, Infinix is ​​committed to providing consumers with the latest technology at a reasonable price,” said Jessy Zhang said.

“Creating valuable technology, Concept is the power of smartphone 2021. Infinix is ​​one of the most popular smart device providers among young people in emerging markets, our smartphones redefine productivity and efficiency.” And that is the way to the future of digital life. ”The technology featured in Infinix’s Concept phone will be introduced in future smartphones.

Great innovation

The stunning Concept Phone 2021 has the industry’s first dual color-changing back cover, combining electrochromic and electroaluminous technology, with light used as a medium and electric field in the process. When an incoming call occurs, the back of the smartphone changes between silver gray and light blue. Upon charging, it will change color and flash in the middle of the device.

Concept phones use ultrasonic, energy-saving and transparent electrochromic film (SECF) with a choice of electromechanics (EL) film. Infinix’s EL Lite Emitting Film will be the next color-changing smartphone. This paves the way for development projects that have never been seen before.

Fast charging speed

To achieve 160W fast charging and 50W wireless charging, Infinix integrates its Ultra Flash Charge (UFC) technology, innovative super charge pump, 60 security protection mechanisms and 8C battery cell that connects to the smartphone’s 4000 mAh battery. Enables the battery to be fully and safely charged in 10 minutes.

The modern super charge pump is integrated with four high-conversion charging chips that support high-power conversion. This enables the smartphone to increase the conversion efficiency of charging to 98.6% while avoiding overload and overheating due to large charging.

Using 20 temperature sensors and intelligent control algorithms, Infinix Concept Phone 2021 monitors the temperature while charging and adjusts the charging power to keep the smartphone under 40C / 104F.

Infinix also partnered with the world’s leading battery manufacturers to develop a new 8C battery cell that has an internal resistance of less than 18% and produces less heat than a 6C battery.

Additionally, additional security protections are activated during unusual scenarios to ensure the security of the smartphone system. High temperatures, voltage increases, electromagnetic interference and much more.

Excellent screen

Infinix’s Concept Phone 2021 features a 6.67 “AM-OLED display with the addition of 88 limit radian that creates a perfect surface using 3D glass. The AI-powered triple lens module provides eye-catching images that can achieve digital zoom of up to 60x. The smartphone also has a 32MP front camera for beautiful selfies.


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