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Infrared Sensors At Low Cost Developed For Smartphones

German and Italian scientists have used infrared sensors for automatic cars and smartphones, which will not only help cars see the front air, but also allow smartphones to take clearer and clearer images in less darkness.

Previously, it was not possible to see the infrared (lower red) environment with conventional photodiodes. If we can see shortwave infrared (SWIR) scenes, we will see them much clearer and clearer than ordinary light.

The reason is that such cameras can peek into the smoke, rain and fog. If you look at it with a normal camera, even water vapor becomes a veil. In particular, it will help a lot in flying in the fog and landing on the ground. Similarly, it will be possible to continue the journey in the winter fog in Punjab province.

Although earlier infrared cameras were made of silicon, these SWIR range cameras are not very good. Firstly, they are very expensive. Secondly, it is very difficult to connect them to a normal electrical circuit. This error has been removed from the new sensor.

Scientists have a layer of silicon in this new sensor, but it also includes germanium and germanium tin. But the journey involves ten years of hard work and failure. Now this sensor can be easily installed in any electrical factory and fitted with a smartphone camera chip.

Interestingly, the same sensor can capture images of different wavelengths. When it is turned to painting, many layers of colors are clearly visible.


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