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Instagram Announces New Features For Youth Protection

Following Francis Hogan’s revelations, Facebook has announced the introduction of new features aimed at protecting young people from potential harm.

According to Reuters, Facebook’s Vice President for Global Affairs Nick Clegg has promised to introduce a new feature ‘Take a Break’ on Instagram.

The purpose of this feature is to encourage young people to stop using social networks for a while.

He did not say how long the feature would be available, but said it was intended to protect against app addiction and other harmful behaviors.

The Facebook official added that the company will warn young people to stay away from content in social media apps that could be harmful to their personality.

He did not elaborate, but said that Facebook’s algorithms needed to be regulated to ensure consistency with real-world results.

Francis Hogan claimed that Facebook is aware that its algorithms are destructive and lead children to harmful content and that very little of hate content is removed.


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