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Instagram Boss Says Will ‘Rethink what Instagram Is’ in 2022

In his video outlining Instagram’s overall goals for 2022, Adam Mosseri does not directly address the scandals that rocked Instagram last year.

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri vowed on Tuesday that the social app will “rethink what Instagram is” in 2022. In a video posted to Twitter, Mosseri said Instagram will work to establish greater transparency in the new year, among other goals. He didn’t directly address last year’s scandals that rocked Instagram and parent company Meta (formerly known as Facebook).

“We think about who we are, what we value and what kind of change we want to bring about in the world,” Mosseri said.

Instagram has been rocked by scandals that escalated in 2021, including claims it ignored the extent of its toxicity to many teenage users. In September, the Wall Street Journal – citing internal research from Instagram and Facebook – reported that Facebook was keenly aware of Instagram’s damaging effects on young people , especially on teenage mental health.

This report, along with a wave of others, sparked numerous hearings in US Congress targeting Instagram and other social apps, including one hearing to which Mosseri was called to testify. Instagram said the Journal misinterpreted the purpose and results of the research on adolescents, calling the claim that Instagram is “toxic” inaccurate.

On Tuesday, Mosseri said goals for 2022 include consolidating all of Instagram’s video-sharing efforts around Reels, its rival product from TikTok, improving private messaging and ways for Instagram’s creators. monetization on the app.

Without responding directly to criticism, he said Instagram will be working on more personal controls and expanding transparency. “We think it’s important for people to understand how Instagram works if they want to do with it what they want or what works best for them,” he said.


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