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Instagram Is Harmful for Youth: Report

The Wall Street Journal claims in a report that Facebook’s own research has found that Instagram can have a negative effect on the mental health of young people.

Internal research under Facebook lasted for 3 years in which it was discovered that Instagram has a negative effect on young users, especially girls.

The results of the study, which was presented to the company in 2019, found that one in three young girls using Instagram had a body image issue.

The teens also said that using Instagram also increases their anxiety and depression.

Instagram also confirmed the research, saying that the reason is to understand the young people who use the app.

Kareena Newton, Instagram’s head of public policy, said in a blog post that the question on many people’s minds is whether social media is good or bad.

“The results of the research were mixed, we looked at both the pros and cons of Instagram,” he said.

He added that Instagram has done a lot to prevent abusive behavior, suicide, self-harm and overeating so that the app can be made safe for everyone.

He said that the company has also focused on preventing negative social attitudes and anatomical problems and is developing resources to help keep people away from certain types of content. Will prove

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