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Install Emergency Windows Update: Microsoft

Microsoft has instructed its users to immediately install Emergency Windows Update.

According to a foreign news agency, Microsoft has instructed to immediately install the emergency Windows update on its computer or laptop to avoid any kind of trouble.

The company has warned that a serious security flaw has occurred in the Windows operating system, following which this warning has been issued.

According to the company, this flaw called Print Nightmare allows attackers to attack users’ systems through the Print Spooler service.

According to Microsoft, these attackers can take advantage of this error to easily install programs, view, edit or delete data or create new user accounts.

This security issue can affect all supported versions of Windows, which is why Microsoft has called for an emergency update.

The company says that we recommend installing these updates immediately.
Last week, Microsoft said it was aware of the security flaw and had issued updates to prevent it, while the matter was being investigated.

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