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Intel Hires Apple’s Top M1 Chip Specialist

Intel will benefit from the expertise of Jeff Wilcox, an Apple defector where he participated in the design of the manufacturer’s chips for the Mac (T2 then M1). The one who was director of system architecture for Macs in Cupertino for 8 years has indeed become an “Intel Fellow”, with the title of technical director of engineering and design for the SoC architecture (system-on-chip ) of the founder.

On LinkedIn , Wilcox is delighted with the eight years spent at Apple; ironically, he had previously spent three years at Intel as an engineer. Within the Mac division, he led the transition to Apple chips, after developing the T2 coprocessor. This departure could mean that its work has been accomplished and that the Macs expected this year (Mac Pro, but also MacBook Air M2, a new 13-inch MacBook Pro as well as iMac and Mac mini plus “Pro”) no longer need of its lights.

Back at Intel, he will therefore take care of SoCs, a subject on which the founder works very hard. At CES, the company also presented 12th generation mobile Core chips based on the Alder Lake architecture. This mixes fast cores with thrifty cores, like the chips of the iPhone and the Mac.


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