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Intel Is Bringing New Gaming Graphic Cards

Intel is is manufacturing new gaming graphics cards, ending in Q1 2022, and we may have had our first look at the great arc alchemist.

Arc is Intel’s new GPU brand, designed as a competitor of Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon, and it is the first GPU in the Arc Alchemist by the company which is actually set to launch.

The company had previously built the Intel DG1 to test the waters of the GPU, but it was a relatively weak card based on the Xe LP (low power) graphics architecture, and consumers couldn’t really afford it.

The new card is part of Intel’s Xe HPG (High Power / Gaming) roadmap and is said to deliver the same performance as the Nvidia RTX 3070 with 512 Execution Units (EU) and 16GB of GDDR6 memory.

According to leaks Intel’s work may include several variants of its “DG2” GPU, including light versions with 448EU, 384EU, 256EU, or 128EU for entry-level GPUs. It will even exceed the number of graphics core clusters that Intel typically integrates into its CPUs.


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