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Intel MSI motherboards Price and Model Revealed

Intel will participate in the CES 2022 Electronics Show, where it is expected to present motherboards based on the low-end Intel 600 series chip sets (H610, B660 and H670). Thanks to one of the Twitter users, it became known which new items MSI is developing based on Intel B660 chipset.

Additionally, the names of the mother boards themselves, their expected prices are also known. They start at $ 119, which is the price of the entry level Pro B660M-E. The most expensive board on the list is the MAG B660 Tomahawk WiFi ($ 259).

According to sources, the list does not include a single board that supports the DDR4 RAM standard. All of these boards support the new DDR5 RAM standard.

  • MAG B660 Tomahawk WiFi – $ 259;
  • MAG B660M Mortar WiFi  –  $ 239;
  • MAG B660M Mortar  –  $ 219; 
  • MAG B660M Bazooka  –  $ 199;
  • PRO B660-A  –  $ 209;
  • PRO B660M-A- WiFi  –  $ 209;
  • PRO B660M-A  –  $ 189;
  • PRO B660M-G  –  $ 139;
  • PRO B660M-B  –  $ 129;
  • PRO B660M-E –  $ 119

Many manufacturers, including MSI itself, release models based on the older Intel Z690 chipset both in a version with support for the new memory standard and with support for DDR4. For example, the same Z690 Tomahawk boards are  also available in two versions – with support for DDR5 or with DDR4. The presence of DDR4 versions of motherboards based on the Intel B660 chipset will make them even cheaper and diversify the choice available to buyers.

It should also be noted that among the ten motherboards presented in the list, only two are made in the standard ATX form factor. The rest use the compact Micro-ATX design.

Intel has a special event scheduled for January 4 that will likely provide more details on the low-end 600-series motherboards, low-end Alder Lake-S processors, and the mobile Alder Lake-P series of chips. Also expected is new information about the long-awaited discrete graphics accelerators from the company, codenamed Arc Alchemist.

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