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Internet Explorer is Completely Gone After 27 Years

`The world’s most popular computer technology company, Microsoft, has officially shut down the world’s oldest and most popular browser, Internet Explorer.

Microsoft initially introduced the Internet Explorer browser 27 years ago in 1995 and was the only browser at the time.

Internet Explorer has been the hallmark of the Internet for many years, but in 2004 the Mozilla Foundation formally introduced Firefox in its wake.

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Although the Firefox browser was developed in 2002, it was introduced to the general public in 2004.

After Firefox, Google surpassed everyone else by introducing the Google Chrome browser in 2008.

After Firefox and Google Chrome, people almost forgot about Internet Explorer. However, Microsoft tried to take back its kingdom by making the new browser edge similar to Google Chrome, but its efforts failed.

Internet Explorer used to be the default browser on all desktop computers, but the company announced it would phase it out in 2020.

But now the company has confirmed that Internet Explorer will no longer be available for Windows 10 and Windows XI users, and the browser will not be available on any desktop after June 15.

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Microsoft had hinted four years ago in 2016 that users would get rid of Internet Explorer and hinted that the company might shut down the browser.

The company had stopped supporting the old version of Internet Explorer since 2016, but was supporting the 11th version of the new web browser introduced in 2013.

Microsoft has warned its users several times over the past few years about the flaws in Internet Explorer and suggested using their new browser, Microsoft Edge, earlier this year.


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