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iOS 15 Is Now Available For Download

Apple’s latest major software update iOS 15 – full of features to help people better focus, connect with others on a face-to-face basis, and monitor medical records, including vaccine status and test results.

While this is not a large-scale design optimization, many of the changes to iOS 15 reflect how our needs have changed during epidemics. Apple first unveiled the new tools at the World Wide Developers Conference in June, some of which were cited on stage during the iPhone 13 launch event last week.

The biggest update for iPhone and iPad users can be found in FaceTime, which is an estimate of how much time we’ve spent on video calls over the past 18 months. FaceTime Group Mode now supports a grid view that allows people to view multiple faces at the same time and allow users to listen to music or run other services simultaneously on Apple TV, Hulu, Disney + and other services. Allows Lets. Android and Windows users can also join.

Apple has also added features such as blurring the background on FaceTime and focusing portrait mode on users taking pictures on the iPhone.
Apple unveiled everything at its biggest iPhone event.

Meanwhile, for those who still cling to their screens often, a new tool called Focus encourages users to know what kind of notifications they want to receive, and at certain times of the day. From. For example, a user can set their phone to “work” mode, and choose to receive notifications only from peers, emails and slow messages. Users can set “Do Not Disturb” auto-reply to messages when other notifications are turned off.

Apple is also doubling down on its digital wallet, which can now open doors and hotel rooms that support such technology. In a handful of states, Americans can add their driver’s license or state ID card or use it at airport security checkpoints.

The Health app now supports vaccine status and test results. Healthcare providers or US states may provide QR codes that can be downloaded and stored directly on the app. Health data sharing is also now available, so anyone in the family can better track and manage the data or health needs of children or elderly parents.

Other notable iOS 15 updates include the ability to pin messages that users don’t want to forget, and new security features, including “Mail Privacy Protection”. The Email app on Apple devices will hide users ‘IP addresses and their location, so companies that send emails may not link this information to other users’ online activity.

To download the new software, see the Software Update section in Settings. However, the first version of the next generation mobile software update often contains bugs. Users may want to back up important images or files before downloading or turn them off until the second version launches in the coming weeks.

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