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iPhone Users or Android Users: Who Are Good Drivers

The majority of mobile phone users prefer iPhones if budget and pocket allow.

However, some users don’t like iPhones so much, and happily spend the same amount on a high-end Android phone to get more features.

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Your smartphone can tell a lot about your habits, here we are not talking about your browsing history or applications, but only mobile phones (devices).

The latest research provides a comparative analysis between iPhone users and Android phone users.

A study conducted by iPhone users shows that they do not like many things, but Android users are rated better than iPhone users.

According to results published on smartphone car insurance compiler Jerry, Android users are much better drivers than iPhone users.

According to the report, Jerry analyzed the driving behavior of 20,000 drivers accumulated while driving 13 million kilometers.

In all the tests conducted, Android users outperformed iPhone users

The data also recorded overall driving scores as well as sub-scores for acceleration, speed, braking, turning and distraction.

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The results were then grouped according to the smartphone operating system and various demographic characteristics.

The results show that iPhone users check their phones more while driving than Android users.


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