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IT Ministry Intends To Bring 5G Technology By 2023

After attracting 1.2 billion in foreign direct investment in the last three years, the market volume of the telecom industry has grown to 16.9 billion and now the Ministry of Information and Telecom intends to introduce 5G technology in 2023.

According to details, the ministry said that foreign investors have also welcomed the target.

In a recent presentation to Prime Minister Imran Khan on the performance of the sector, the ministry introduced the future requirements of digitization across the country, future technical requirements like 5G and the country’s remote and backward countries through the Universal Service Fund (USF). He also highlighted plans for “deep fiberization” to expand telecom services and the Internet in the region.

During the year 2018-19, more than 10,000 km of optical fiber cable will be laid across the country, providing high-speed internet to 1,175 towns and union councils.

The ministry said that under USF projects, Balochistan has a network of more than 1800 km of unsafe roads, including highways and motorways.

Commenting on the importance of the Deep Fibrillation Project, Information Technology Minister Syed Aminul Haq said that the government was investing heavily in increasing IT services exports to 5 5 billion by the end of 2023-22.

“We will ensure the provision of cheap and high speed internet to the people of small towns and I am sure that girls from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan will also be able to work as freelancers from their local areas,” he said.

In the year 2020-20, the country’s IT services exports increased from 47% to 2.1 billion.

The report pointed out that the USF has played a major role in telecom infrastructure development for future digital development by signing 43 projects worth Rs 29 billion in backward areas.

It includes more than 65 districts in southern Balochistan, the former FATA and inner Sindh with a population of over 25 million.

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The ministry said the upcoming spectrum auction for Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan would help improve telecom and broadband services in those areas for next-generation mobile services.

The report also highlighted the fact that 40 IT companies are listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange.


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