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KP Govt Decides To Start Digital Training Program for Women

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KP government has decided to launch a digital training program for 3,000 women across the province.

According to the Department of Science and Information Technology, Rs. 2000 million and Rs. 80 million have been allocated for this project.

“KP aims to empower 3,000 women with skills – such as graphic designing, social media marketing, WordPress design and development, digital tools for blogging, content writing, and productivity – and providing them with employment opportunities. Promoting financial independence. Through digital jobs, “said a development official.

Last year, the provincial government spent Rs 20,000 in collaboration with the World Bank. Rs 840 million on a new startup project to provide IT training to 25,000 people in the province to create more jobs.

The project also included training of 3,000 women to start their own businesses in the province under the Startup Project.

Talking about the project, Science and Technology Minister Atif Khan had said that practical steps were being taken to empower women economically.

“Furthermore, the provincial government will set up three special technology zones (STZs) to create employment opportunities in science and technology,” he said, adding that zones would be set up in Mardan, Haripur and Peshawar districts.


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