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Latest Chrome Update: Immediately Update To Fix Errors

Critical vulnerabilities under active exploitation have been fixed in it.

Chrome’s development team continues to release out-of-the-box updates, and five vulnerabilities have been fixed by Google officials in version 96.0.4664.110, which has been made available for computer versions of the Chrome browser.

Latest Chrome Update
Latest Chrome Update
Loading the contact page will force you to download the update if you haven’t already installed it yourself.

The details of the vulnerabilities will be withheld by the company until the latest version of Chrome is installed for the benefit of users, but the critical rating has been revealed to be a zero-day vulnerability under active exploitation.

The latest version of Chrome will automatically install for all users in the coming days, but installation can be speeded up by loading the browser’s contact page (Main Menu → Help → About Google Chrome), in which case the software will perform an extraordinary update check.

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