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Learn Python From Children’s Poems and Stories

Whether it’s a Cinderella story or a Jack and Jill poem, they have been presented in dozens of styles, but now an American company, Cindy Electronics has taken on the task of teaching important languages ​​such as Python through these poems and stories.

Cindy Electronics Company has added code to every popular story and children’s poem and children can easily learn coding. Thus computer logic has been added to the poems. Readers move forward and move forward in phased programming. The reason is that it has been rewritten by the best authors with the help of coding experts.

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The price of his e-book is USD 14 and the price of the original published book is USD 34 with which the e-book will be available for free. The poem or story on each page is presented with a complete code and the associated scene is presented in the form of a beautiful picture.

The story of the Red Riding Hood and the Gold Locks bear is also waiting for you. As the story progresses, so does Python’s coding.

But it is important that you install Python and start testing it on your computer or tablet. Keep trying to write Python code by reading a poem or a story and this will keep your journey going.

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The most interesting thing is that you can change the story yourself by changing the code. It should be noted that Python is an emerging computer language that is commonly used in data science, research, artificial intelligence, and gaming. It is still one of the best languages ​​of the future.

Learn Python From Children's Poems and Stories
Learn Python From Children’s Poems and Stories


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