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LinkedIn Introduces Best Feature For Freelancers

LinkedIn is recognized as the largest professional website in the world, with people looking to expand their professional network or find a job on it.

New opportunities for freelancers will now be available on Microsoft’s proprietary platform.

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature that helps freelancers access new job opportunities.

A beta version of this feature, called Service Marketplace, has been tested in the United States for some time and has now been introduced to freelancers around the world.

This feature will allow users to discover freelancers or project providers.

This feature will provide opportunities for freelancers in 250 job categories.

Freelancers and project providers will be able to discover each other through the search function or in the project categories, in which all projects will be explained in full detail.

Interested freelancers and project providers will be able to get more details by contacting through messages and rate each other through the 5 star system once the matter is settled.

The service marketplace is based on LinkedIn’s Finder tool, which the company introduced in 2020.

LinkedIn’s feature is being compared to freelance platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork, while also aiming to adapt to new job attitudes around the world during the Corona virus epidemic.

The trial of the service marketplace began in February 2021, and so far 2 million people in the United States have been part of it.

There is currently no service charge for this tool, but this could happen in the near future.


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