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MacBook Pro 2022: Apple Notebook Expected To Come Earlier

Could it really be that far, Apple actually wants to introduce a new MacBook Pro 2022 in a few weeks? A recent report gives hope and raises some questions.

It would probably be like a bang if the iPhone manufacturer were to present a new MacBook Pro at the rumored Apple event on March 8th , because nobody expected it so early in the year. And yet a recent report by the source.

MacBook Pro 2022 with Apple M2 already on March 8th?

As a result , Apple is planning to launch a MacBook Pro 2022 with the new, not yet officially announced M2 chip in early March 2022 . How can this be? The new Pro models with M1 Pro, M1 Max and Mini LED screens were only introduced at the end of last year. The solution to the riddle: It is not the successor to the 14 and 16-inch models, but the descendant of the older model with an M1 chip, which is currently still in the portfolio as an entry-level device.

How confusing, just a few days ago Apple expert Mark Gurman mentioned this new model . It should get an M2 chip, do without the touch bar, but not get a ProMotion mini LED display. However, the general assumption is that a performance would probably be in autumn at the earliest.

According to sources:

“Apple will reportedly launch a range of new devices in early March, including the new MacBook Pro with the latest M2 processor, the budget 5G iPhone SE and the iPad, the sources said. With the exception of the processor, most other components used in the new MacBook Pro will reportedly have almost the same specs as the existing model with M1 chips, causing MacBook Pro supply chain partners to stop production maintained during the week-long Lunar New Year festival to meet increasing demand for the Mac series, the sources added.

The idea of ​​a MacBook Pro SE

If we interpret these statements correctly, then the “new” MacBook Pro alone gets the new chip, the rest remains identical . Ergo: No new casing, no new connections and, of course, the identical 13-inch screen. Only the chip would be replaced. This keeps costs low and Apple could quickly adjust production. The surprise would be perfect.


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