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Scientists Create Largest Map Of Dark Matter In Universe

Scientists have created the largest map of dark matter in the universe so far. According to cosmologists, 80% of the matter in the universe consists of dark matter, which is slightly different from ordinary matter. Cannot be viewed directly.

Experts have made this map by looking at the light reaching the earth from the farthest galaxies due to the curvature of time and space. We know that heavy objects or matter in space bend the rays of light. That is why we have made the assumption in the path of light that there is a substance in the path of light which is affecting it but we do not see it. This unseen substance may also be present in the preview.

In this regard, the Dark Energy Survey (DES) has surveyed tens of millions of galaxies near and far, not just one or two, with artificial intelligence (AI). Experts have also examined the galaxies’ changing shape and stretch in the process of viewing them. In the image above you can see all the matter in the southern hemisphere that is in the foreground of visible galaxies and in total it forms 25% of the sky in the southern hemisphere.

“The team includes Niall Jeffrey of University College London, and he says that the universe is dominated by dark matter, and we are amazed at how vast this hidden substance is,” Nile said. “Dark matter is prominent in most places on our map. The same shape we see in visible matter, that is, large bundles of nets with large gaps.

According to him, by looking at dark matter on a cosmic scale, we can find out the answers to the basic questions of the universe. Astronomers have long said that there is more matter in the universe than we can see. Dark energy and dark matter have always been mysterious in them, but they can be understood by the attitudes of bright galaxies. For example, galaxies appear to be mixed in a cluster that is moving slightly faster in the cluster.

Thus at night we can only see the light of the galaxies, but the darkness spread around and the unseen matter disappears from sight. If the light of a distant galaxy or star is coming to us and it is skewed, then we understand that there is some invisible matter in between and this process is called ‘gravitational lens’ or gravity lensing.

After three years of searching and mapping dark matter, experts say it is scattered throughout the universe in exactly the same way that it can be described under the standard model of the universe that is still in use today.


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