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Mark Zuckerberg Became Poorer Than Bill Gates in 6 Hours

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the world’s largest social networking site Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram and WhatsApp, saw a significant drop in personal wealth after a six-hour shutdown.

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram services were shut down worldwide on the night between October 4 and 5 and were restored six hours later.

According to Facebook, their service was shut down due to a malfunction in their traffic network and data center equipment, but confirmed that users’ data was not leaked during the shutdown.

The shutdown of all three social apps and websites saw their shares fall nearly 5 percent, while Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s personal wealth plummeted the most.

According to a report in the American economic newspaper ‘Bloomberg’, the revelations of Frances Hoffen, a former female employee of Facebook, and the closure of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook services have increased Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth to 6 billion US dollars, or more than 10 trillion Pakistani rupees. Decreased

After a significant decline in wealth, Mark Zuckerberg dropped from the third richest man in the world to the fifth richest man, and surprisingly, he became even poorer than Microsoft founder Bill Gates and French businessman Bernard Arnault.

The report said that Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune was not only due to the closure of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram services, but also due to the recent revelations made by former employee Francis Hoffen. Had to wash

A former Facebook employee revealed in a recent interview with US TV CBS that Facebook encourages misinformation, including violent, offensive content, in order to make money.

It was only after the woman’s statement that Mark Zuckerberg’s earnings began to decline as Facebook’s shares plummeted and then its services were shut down on the night between October 4 and 5, leaving him with a lot of money. Had to wash

Mark Zuckerberg’s personal wealth was reduced by US ایک 1 billion an hour, or about 1.5 trillion Pakistani rupees, due to the shutdown of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram services.

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After a کمی 6 billion decline in wealth, Mark Zuckerberg ranked fifth on Bloomberg’s list of billionaires, with a combined net worth of 12 122 billion.

He is the founder of Facebook and owns his company, including WhatsApp and Instagram, as well as a few other apps.


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