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Rover Landed on Ancient Delta of Mars for New Scientific Expedition

After collecting samples of eight rocks in the first scientific expedition and covering a distance of 5 km on the mainland of Mars in a record 31 Martian days, NASA’s Presence Rover reached the mouth of the ancient river delta of Jezero Pit on April 13.

Named ‘Three Forks’ by the precautionary team, the area will become Rover’s second scientific expedition to be called the ‘Delta Front Campaign‘.

Thomas Zurbokin, the associate administrator at NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington, D.C., said the delta on the Jezero crater is a real geological treasure and one of the best places on Mars where traces of past microscopic life can be found.

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“The answers are there and the team is ready to look for them,” he added.

A combination of rocks and deposits on the west bank of the Jezero crater, this delta formed the confluence of the Mars Rover and the crater’s lake billions of years ago.

The team’s interest in inspecting the site is due to the fact that it may contain traces of ancient microbial life.

In the first part of the mission to retrieve rock samples from Mars, the main rover is drilling with its robotic arm and storing it inside, which will later be brought to Earth.


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