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Mars Rover Sets World Record: Longest Autonomous Journey on Mars

The Mars rover Perseverance has set a world record: It drove autonomously further than ever before in a single day! Plus: News about the Mars helicopter and the spectacular sample return project.

Perseverance has set a new record. Never before has the brave Mars rover covered such a long distance in a single (Mars) day. driving autonomously. NASA announced this on the Mars rover’s Twitter channel.

The Mars rover tweeted, “After a few months exploring this area, I’m ready to go. Thanks to my self-driving function, I can cover more distance in a day than ever before. I just set a new Martian record of 243.3 meters, and another yesterday: 245.76 meters. Lots to see, rocks to see!”

The Mars rover Opportunity previously held the record for the longest distance traveled on Mars in one day. Opportunity had managed 214 meters in one day in 2015.

In the near future, Perseverance will then embark on a journey of several kilometers and explore a nearby delta (where water is believed to have once flowed), as Space.com writes .

Ingenuity flies for the 19th time

There is also news of Ingenuity, the 1.8 kg mini-helicopter that accompanies Perseverance. Ingenuity completed its 19th flight on February 8, 2022 , according to NASA . A strong sandstorm had meant that NASA had to postpone the 19th flight. Originally, Ingenuity was supposed to start on January 5, 2022.

NASA names designer for sample return missile

As is well known, NASA is planning something spectacular with the Perseverance project: the samples that the Mars rover collects and seals with its robotic arm are to be brought to Earth. It takes three rockets and two Mars rovers to return 30 soil samples from Mars to Earth. A previously unique space project! We describe this project here:


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