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MDCAT 2021: Rejected By Students

Medical and dental college entrance exams are being held in different cities of Pakistan under PMC. According to the schedule provided by the Pakistan Medical Commission, PMC MDCAT 2021 started on August 30, 2021 and will end on September 30, 2021. It should be noted that this year PMC is conducting online MDCAT exam 2021 for students.

MDCAT 2021 Objection Raised By Students

The students raised several objections against the PMCMDCAT results 2021 and rejected the exam. According to the candidates, the PMC should conduct a uniform MDCAT for all students so that eligible candidates can be selected. Due to the current state of Covid 19, the commission had earlier announced to conduct tests at different stages for the convenience of students. But students have demanded a common test for all students. The students said that if it is possible to conduct board examinations according to the same schedule, then the same method should be adopted for MDCAT 2021. It is complained that even after getting 1000+ marks in matriculation, they are unable to qualify in the exam as the marking is not up to standard. Therefore, an effective strategy should be adopted by the commission and the results should be announced as it will affect the careers of many students.


MDCAT is important for students who want to enroll in a medical or dental college after completing intermediate. Thousands of candidates take the exam for admission to MBBS and BDS degree programs. Students must pass the exam with maximum marks to secure admission. Students are now demanding MDCAT from the Pakistan Medical Commission to maintain the standard of medical entrance exams.


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