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MDCAT Result 2021 Will Be Announced On 9 October

The Pakistan Medical Commission PMC has declared the date of MDCAT results 2021 and MDCAT test statistics. The commission for the academic session 2022 has completed the MDCAT test. Earlier, the meeting of the Medical and Dental Council was related to the commencement of the medical entrance examination on October 2, 2021. According to the latest news of PMCMDCAT, 2021, 202, 065 students registered for the exam while 194,108 students participated in the exam. In addition, according to the schedule provided by the relevant authorities, the test for COVID-19 infected people will be taken on October 9, 2021.

MDCAT 2021.

Following complaints from students, the PMC has decided to conduct post-exam analysis to allay student concerns and ensure transparency in the exam. Post-examination analysis will be done by Quaid-e-Azam University. MDCAT is conducted every year for students who want to enroll in medical and dental colleges. After passing the test, merit is determined so that eligible candidates can get admission in MBBS and BDS degree programs.

Results of MDCAT 2021

According to the announcement of the officials, the results of PMC MDCAT 2021 will be announced on October 9, 2021 after the completion of post-examination analysis. In addition, it has been stated that during the post-examination analysis, all the questions which are found to be vague, obscure or out of syllabus will be removed and all the students will be given extra marks. Students are asked to be patient and wait for the MDCAT 2021results to be announced by the Pakistan Medical Commission as all their concerns will be allayed. It is added that the question was created according to international standards and then reviewed for quality by two separate sets of experts without the intervention of the authorities, the Academic Council and the Commission.

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