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Meta Announces To Change Design Facebook Desktop Version

American technology giant Meta has decided to make significant changes to the design of the desktop version of its social media platform Facebook.

According to a report published in the social media news website Social Media Today, Facebook is redesigning the design of the desktop version.

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These changes, made by Facebook, have been initially released to some beta users.

According to beta users, Facebook’s new update features a dark mode similar to YouTube, while the tools and other apps for navigation have been left out of the tradition.

This change in Facebook desktop version has also been disliked by some users.

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Earlier, in the desktop versions of Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, all the tools and applications were displayed on the left side and that is why it will take some time for this new layout of Facebook desktop to be accepted by the users.

According to Meta, the new design has just been introduced experimentally, but in the next update it will be released to users around the world.


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